Multiple repeats (noob question)

• Mar 8, 2010 - 14:53

I'm brand spakin new to this program, and have already encountered a few hiccups. My searches didn't help so....

I figured out how to do repeats that repeat multiple times, and the midi plays accordingly, but the score doesn't show anything to indicate the multiple repeats. There is no "x4" above the :|| like I'd expect. What am I missing.

Also (unrelated) what is the purpose of being able to click and drag notes around within a measure. I can (if I want to) move a note to be sitting right on top of a rest, and move the note's stem to be nowhere near the note head. I just don't know why this is even an option; I can forsee myself doing some of this inadventantly and I'm not sure how to get everything back where it belongs.

Again, total newbie, so my appologies and advance thanks!


For "x4", you can use a staff text (Ctrl + T).

About moving notes around, I'm not sure what you mean. Which version are you using btw ?

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Thanks for the "staff text" tip.

Of course, I'm at work, and that program is at home, so I can't be sure what version (sorry). I just DL'd it yesterday, so I assume it's the latest version, but I'll double check tonight.

What I mean is I can click a note or even just the stem of the note, and it turns blue. I can then click and drag that note or stem to a different place within the measure, including right on top of other items (notes, rests). I can take a screen shot tonight when I get home.

I'm a little more familiar with Power Tab, so anything that is different (which doesn't mean better or worse) is screwing with my brain a little - like how I expect the "x4" to show up automatically. (why doesn't it, btw?)

If you mean putting 4x in the repeat itself, right click on the volta and select "volta properties". There you can change the text to whatever you want.

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Isn't volta for when you have two (or more) different endings, typically? I just want the same measure (or group of measures) to repeat exactly 4 times (and be indicated in the score).


This thread shows up on top of all my Google searches on how to do multiple repeats on a repeat.

"I figured out how to do repeats that repeat multiple times, and the midi plays accordingly"

This is all I've gathered, that it is possible, but so far no information as to how. I've tried double clicking the repeat, tried right clicking, but there seems to be no options associated with it. I also tried Ctrl+T to add text to it, to type in "2" or "2x" in hopes that it may be able to intelligently use the integer in the text to figure out the amount of repeats, but I were not even able to add any text to it.

I'm sure quite a few more people than me have ended up here in search of how to do multiple repeats on a repeat, and it would probably be helpful if someone could answer this here. :)

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Thanks a lot for your answer, that worked perfectly!

That was not intuitive at all, and may be something that should be in a change request or something, unless it's policy not to cater to newcomers. :)

This will probably help other people Googling for this as well, so again, thanks. :)

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You're right. I should not have missed that. But I'm using MuseScore to learn music theory, as well as create music, so getting the terminology correct and thus read into what that documentation meant was a bit fuzzy. But again, I should have caught that. :)

Hi, I would like to do the same with repeating several tacts for four times. Unfortunately, the sign :|| is just grey when I click on it. Does anybody know why that happens? I would be really glad about some support! Thank you!

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Which sign are you trying to click on? Have you already added this to your score from the Barlines palette, or are you having trouble adding it? Or maybe you are trying to click on the repeat icon on the main toolbar? That has nothing to do with adding repeats to your score - it is a button to toggle the *playback* of repeats. it will be grey if you have no playback capabilitoies - does anything happen when you press the Play button or press Space?

BTW, in general, it is better to start new threads for new problems, rathewr than responding to mostly unrelated threads from several years ago :-)

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Hi, Marc!

I'm trying to do a very basic thing, but having trouble to do it in order for it to be visually clear and correct in the playback:

I want to repeat the same 8-bar section twice (therefore, to have it played three times), but with the last two bars slightly different on the last repetition!

To "visualize" this better:
8 bars (first time) ----------------» arrive to the 1. and 2. line (see the file), back to the beginning
8 bars (second time) -----------» arrive to the 1. and 2. line, back to the beginning
8 bars (third and last time)--» skip the 1. and 2. line, go to the 3. line!

Is it possible to do this?

I've tried:
- to simply edit the "1. and 2. line" so that I can have them played twice, at the bottom of the Inspector tool;
- to select the final measure (within the "1. and 2. line") and to change the bar count

The first attempt didn't work, it simply skips the first repetition (as if there was no "2. line") straight to the 3. line. The second skips everything, including the 3. line....

Is there anything I could do?

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Is it odd that I have the opposite problem to andy? I can have the 'play 4 times' on the score, but the score does not play four times. can someone perhaps teach me how to do it?

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