Should "Undo" Do This:

• Mar 6, 2015 - 16:30

In the attached scores, I took the original, transposed it to Alto Sax key then performed Undo and got this outcome. Should it do this?


Can you say more precisely what you did - what specific series of steps did you take to transpose to Alto Sax key? Also, which build of MuseScore? Go to Help / About and click the copy-to-clipboard button, then paste into your response.

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I tried following your streps and did not see any obvious problems - upon "undo", it sure appeared to my eyes that everything was back to the way it started. I also loaded all three of your scores into a current build, and don't see an obvious problem with the one labeled "undo", which I assume is the one you are asking about. So it could be some sort of problem was fixed, or it could be I am not looking in the right palce. Could you explain what problem you see?

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So, you mean the fact that the staves are now closer together, and the voltas overlap the lyrics? Interesting. That doesn't happen for me with current build. It hard to say what might be happening. Does the score extend to the bottom of the page? Trying to understand where the extra space is going...

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i, I just managed to reproduce the problem - not sure why it's different this time - and I think I see the problem. The horizontal frame you have at the end of the score is just on the edge of fitting, I think, and the key change threw off the calculation. Do anything at all - another Undo, even just a Select All - and it reclaculates the layout and fixes itself.

These kind of glitches do happen from time to time; undo is a really tricky thing to do perfectly.

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