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• Jul 23, 2015 - 09:58

Every time I try to open this Beethoven sonata that I transcribed in Musescore, the program outright crashes. I can't think of why; it might be related to some of the cramming of notes into tight quarters that I had to do to get both the formatting and the playback correct.


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Clever idea!
Let me see whether I find the spot where it crashes...

1st attempt in a self build MuseScore from latest master repository:

Debug: Beam id 228 not found (...\MuseScore\libmscore\chordrest.cpp:321, virtual bool Ms::ChordRest::readProperties(Ms::XmlReader&))

Then a crash...

2nd attempt, in debugger, crashes too of course, stack trace:

0 Ms::Beam::beamDist beam.h 146 0xbcff2c
1 Ms::Tremolo::layout tremolo.cpp 317 0x8ce3a6
2 Ms::Chord::layoutStem chord.cpp 1500 0x8205e5
3 Ms::Score::doLayout layout.cpp 1515 0x80e03b
4 Ms::Score::update cmd.cpp 175 0x796d5e
5 Ms::readScore file.cpp 2124 0x58ef95
6 Ms::MuseScore::readScore file.cpp 328 0x58022e
7 Ms::MuseScore::openScore file.cpp 309 0x5800f9
8 Ms::MuseScore::loadFiles file.cpp 290 0x57fe9a
9 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 4059 0x494055
10 Ms::MuseScore::cmd musescore.cpp 3952 0x4938ca
11 Ms::MuseScore::qt_static_metacall moc_musescore.cpp 814 0x6a8c91
12 ZN11QMetaObject8activateEP7QObjectiiPPv 0x68a655a2
13 ZN12QActionGroup7hoveredEP7QAction 0x61dc4b95
14 ?? 0x1ead1320
15 ZN7QAction8activateENS_11ActionEventE 0x61dc3b6e
16 ?? 0x28ca18
17 ?? 0x909001b8
18 ?? 0xa9ac25ff
19 ?? 0x909001b8

So looks something is screwed up with a beam somewhere

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Opened up the one you attached and... yeah, it's more than 6 measures. Every single bit of formatting was basically randomized as to where and what. Those 6 measures are actually fine. The rest of it is a disaster: I've got grace notes in the wrong place, visibility settings might as well have been random, all the text was unformatted, clefs are arbitrary in their placement, all of the articulation formatting was undone, section breaks were removed, half of the text isn't even in the right location, slurs are running all over the place...

670 measures or so, and all of them are wrong. It might be better just to write this one off as a lost cause.

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The problems comes from an hidden tremolo between two notes in measure 184 of the Rondeau part. Attached the score without this problematic tremolo.

The crash can be reproduced from scratch, by adding a two-notes tremolo between two 16th notes (or lower value) when their beam is set to none.
I didn't have time to dig into the details of this crash.
Windows 8.1, commit c51fa84


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