MuseScore isn't free for cell phones

• Oct 7, 2015 - 02:08

Hi, gang!!!

I want to know why in mi country (Chile, South America) the cell phones MuseScore app isn't free like the PC software.

Is the same in other countries? ???

Following the same line, there is a MuseScore "publicity" in the web which says: "It is still free"

??? Could it become "not free" in the future? ???

Just a question.

Greetings & Blessings from Chile



There is a free and a non-free app. The free app only plays scores from The non-free also playfrom Dropbox etc and also from local storage

Also, to be clear: MuseScore itself does not run on cell phones or any other mobile devices unless they are running (full) Windows, MacOS, or Linux. The mobile apps are "player" apps, for displaying and playing back scores not editing them. MsueScore itself - the score editor - is always free, there is no version of it for any device that is not free. There are, however, free and non-free versions of the mobile apps , as mentioend above.

Hi Juan, the free MuseScore app for Android is currently not available in the Google Play store, but it will come back. We have no ETA yet unfortunately, but I will leave a comment when it's back in place. Thank you for your patience.

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