• Feb 3, 2016 - 20:21

The MIXER panel accessible via "VIEW" has disappeared completely. The panel is not hidden behind any other window.

I uninstalled and reinstalled MUSESCORE 2.02 but the problem persists.

I use the MIXER panel constantly and it's disappearance is a real problem. I cannot see any way of duplicating its functions in any other part of MUSESCORE.




Most likely you accidentally dragged it off screen; a small corner might still be visible along the edge of your monitor if you look closely. Or, perhaps you changed display configuration since the last time you opened it, and the window will be visible once you restore the previous display configuration. But in any case, a "Revert to factory settings" will indeed fix it.

Thanks for your rapid reply. I checked every part of the window perimeter but couldn't see the MIXER panel. When I reinstalled MUSESCORE I noticed that the intro page still had data about the last file I had used. I suspected that MUSESCORE had not been uninstalled completely and so I uninstalled again and searched for musescore references on my hard drive. There were dozens of them. I deleted the files and reinstalled again. Problem solved. I suspect that uninstall is not finding all of MUSESCORE for some reason.

If the problem reoccurs I will take your advice about a factory reset.

MUSESCORE is an excellent program. Thank you for providing it and for your help.


This can happen with many programs on Windows—a sub-window somehow gets placed offscreen. If it happens again, try this:

Turn off the Mixer panel in the View menu. Press F10 to (theoretically) open the Mixer panel and give it focus. Press Alt-Space to bring up the Mixer's window control menu (Restore / Move / Size / Maximize / Minimize). The menu should appear somewhere onscreen even if the window is lost. Press "M" for Move. Hit any arrow key then move your mouse to mid-screen; this should cause the offscreen window to appear.

In Windows, this procedure should bring back almost any offscreen window.

The mixer never, ever hides behind the editor, rendering itself irretrievable. Why can't the 3.0 Piano Roll Editor be as companionable (reported as bug long ago) (MacOS).

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