Musescore on iOS

• Feb 26, 2016 - 19:08

Are there any plans to provide an iOS version of the full musescore application, capable of creating scores as in the Windows version?


Our current focus for touch platforms is to provide the best possible music reading, listening and learning experience first. We still have along way to go but one day, we'll add creation to this list.

Meanwhile we learn how to create software for touch input, what works and what doesn't, and how to make it work for all platforms at once.

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It's been almost a year since you posted this reply. How about an update. I honestly don't expect that you have anything to add, I just want to make sure you know there is interest in creating original music on the iPad.

The iPad market is declining for want of some killer iPad apps. My iPad Pro is the perfect creation station for music. Drawing them in by hand, exporting and print, then importing into desktop notation isn't my idea of an integrated workflow.

I am running MuseScore iOS on the latest iPad Pro with the latest OS. I am having lots of problems with the metronome.

  1. Sometimes, it counts in when I didn’t have it set to do so.
  2. When it does count in, sometimes it pauses (I keep counting to hopefully come in on the right beat), but when it starts up again, it is off-beat.
  3. The count-in doesn’t work unless I turn it off and on again.
  4. Sometimes the count-in is a lot faster or slower than the beat during the rest of the score.
  5. Sometimes, even though the count-in is set and the metronome volume is fully up, neither sounds.

This all happens on multiple pieces and makes it hard to use the metronome. I need to see other parts, so I cannot and do not use the practice mode.

Please fix this. Thanks.

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I searched for “MuseScore iOS” on (couldn’t find it on using your search engine there FIRST) and was brought here. I thought I had gone to the right place and I don’t appreciate chastised for my attempt. Frankly, having two separate websites makes it very difficult to find what one is looking for. And, FYI, iOS is the mobile version of the Mac OS—and The top of this page says “Support and Bug Reports.”

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