Last System Fill Threshold apply to end of sections

• Oct 30, 2016 - 05:57

I notice when I make an album out of multiple sections that the final system of each section gets extended horizontally all the way to the right hand margin.

I think would be better for final system of each section to end early if doesn't meet the last system fill threshold, just like if it was at the end of a score.

I'm wondering what people's thoughts are.


Well, that makes sense for some uses of the section break feature, but not all. Might make sense to have this be a score style setting, or perhaps an attribute of the break itself.

Meanwhile, you can achieve the effect using a horizontal frame.

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Exercise books.

Multi-movement works where the movements are short (potentially >1 per page) and page breaks are used only to optimize page turns.

Scores where section breaks are used for their playback or other properties more so than to denote separate movements.

Albums are but one use case for section breaks. But sure, I'd recommend setting this property by default for the "join" command.

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FWIW, we could also consider whether or not to make the suppression of courtesy elements optional as well. I know that was most of the original point of having the section break element, but by now there are enough different attributes that it has become a more flexible facility. Maybe all of its different behaviors should be individually controllable.

I think JoJo makes a good point: if section break ends with page break then apply the threshold rule. This works well considering that the album feature now has the option to add page breaks.


The 31 separate scores I have individually saved (in order to place them in an album for a complete score sheet) all maintain "last system fill threshold" percentage i set them at nicely.

Then, I go into "File" and Choose "Album" in order to create an album from all 31 separate scores.

The Album creates nicely, however, the "last system fill threshold" percentage doesn't "transfer" or remain. It stretches out. Visually it is unattractive.

How do I fix this?

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thanks jojo and marc. So yes I see how this works. great idea.

Marc the only way to do it in the individually saved scores, rather than in the album, is to "undo" the threshold (as I think jojo is suggesting) and then proceed.

However, jojo and marc, it will not "place" the frame where I need it to be placed. For example, when I highlight the final measure, (because that measure that is stretched...and I dont want that) it places the frame below it instead of at the end. So it is just an empty adjustable box.

could you take a look at the attachments I sent and see dynamics? its asking alot I know.

this isnt do or die, but I am an aesthetics kind of person.

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Well, for some unknown reason, without this particular line break in Verse 1 only, when it is merged into an album the notes jumble up. its strange.

Question: If I didn't want to go the "individually saved/album route, how would I repeat those verses in one document?

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