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• Aug 30, 2017 - 11:36

i am notating a score contains a number of tuplets(mainly triplets and sextuplets) in Common time and despite the straightforward instructions in the manual, have not managed to do what should be a simple process.
Having chosen the note and beat on which the tuplet has to begin and then using the required command(either CTL +6 or CTL + 3), the tuplet is created, but the note value defaults to the lower time division, e.g. 16ths suddenly become 32's and the program adjusts accordingly. In some instances the creation of the tuplet reduces the total bar length by a 32nd.
Is there something wrong with the algorithm which drives this function?
Do i need download a plug to sort this out?


This is a known bug, mostly with the sextuplets. This mostly happens if you select the tuplet and delete it. I suggest that you create a tuplet by selecting your duration rather than an existing note (such as 4 for 3 16th notes) then ctrl-3 (for a triplet), then enter the notes into the tuplet. If you make a mistake, delete the measure and start over, undo sometimes reduces the bar length also. In the measures where this already happened, it is probably easiest to select the bar, delete and start over.

You can restore the length of the measure by exchanging the voice you are using with an unused voice twice. for example exchange voice 1 and 2 then voice 1 and 2 again. This will put your entered notes into the correct voice. You can then delete all of the rests created in the unused voice. If you start with the last one, the previous one will be selected after you delete it. There is a possibility that the rest will end up in the wrong spot, deleting the measure and starting over gives a better chance of fixing it the first time.

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What seems to work for me (in note entry mode)
5 0 6 0 ← Ctrl+3 ← Ctrl+6 (notes)

if it is a know bug, why haven't the software engineers sorted it out?
Because solving things takes time, and aside from 1.5 fulltime software engineers everyone else that contributes does so in their own spare time.

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"if it is a know bug, why haven't the software engineers sorted it out"

The problem lies deep within the code of musescore and a patch will not solve every situation where the bug arises. There have been patches inserted to fix some tuplet problems in minor releases (such as 2.0.2 and so forth). Changing the tuplet code would very likely cause scores written with the new code to not open in earlier versions. Those who oversee the development of the program want all 2.x scores to open in all 2.x versions. I hope that version 3 will fix the tuplet bugs. Version 3 will continue to open 2.x files, but 2.x will not likely be able to open 3.x files.

Here's what works for me:
Click on the starting beat
press 5 [Ctrl]-6 (5 is the duration of a quarter note and we want six notes)
use the RightArrow key to advance to the next starting point
press 5 [Ctrl]-3 (quarter note duration, 3 notes)

I want to answer the question by dividing it into two parts:

  1. When creating a tuplet, a base note value is selected first:
    for example: a quarter note.
    If you want to create triplet, then use Ctrl + 3 key combination on this note; And the base note is divided by these values (3 eights).
    This is not a bug in the software: This is how MuseScore's tuplet creation system works.

  2. If the total number of beats in the measure is incorrect due to the creation of the tuplet (sextuplets/octuplets); yes, it is a (known) bug.

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