Last updated is only updated after several minutes in new forum

• Aug 28, 2017 - 19:58

In the previous web site, every refresh of the page made 'Last updated' changes.
No it is "frozen" (e.g. to 52 seconds ago) and doesn't change at page refresh before several minutes.

Perhaps this change has been intentionnaly done by using more http 304 for performance, but if it is the case, the display of last updated should be adapted (e.g. showing the text "less than 1 hour ago" instead of "52 seconds ago")


Title Last updated is onlu updated after several minutes in new forum Last updated is only updated after several minutes in new forum

There are more caching layers with the new website. In order to resolve this, we may want to make the time columns Javascript powered.

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Hi Thomas,
In that case I would rather change the text used to display the last update time.
For example use "less than 5 minutes ago" or "some minutes ago" instead of "12 seconds ago".
Because updating this "12 seconds" by javascript would make it even more confusing: you could go second by second from "12 seconds ago" to "3 minutes ago" by javascript, but if you know that in reality the topic was updated 15 seconds after the previous one this will make this information completely unreliable.
Better no info than false info.
And there is a problem with the cache anyway, yesterday it stayed on "12 seconds ago" for one of the topic for ... 18 minutes!
Clearly cache layers add delays, that's normal, but 18 minutes delay is a real problem.

On a related (?) note, I started noticing yesterday that if I clicked a thread that said there was a new post, the new post indicator disappears immediately upon clicking the thread, before it actually loads the thread. No big deal, but worth mentioning in this context I guess.

The fun part is that this also (partially) happens in the issue tracker with the 'Updated' tags.
Open an item in a new tab and notice the updated tag is instantly removed in the listing: now refresh the listing ;)

@marc @jeetee this behaviour has been added yesterday and is handy when you simply use the back button in the browser. In that case you see that the new/updated label is gone.

Clever! Unfortunately, it doesn't actually work that for me (Windows 10, Chrome). The indicator on the index page clears when I click the link, but if I then hit "Back" after the thread loads, the indicator reappears on the index page.