How do I convert an .nsmp file to .sf2 or .sfz format?

• Oct 30, 2017 - 00:10

I found really AWESOME Mellotron & Chamberlin Instruments on the Nord Keyboards Website:……… and Downloaded the Orchestral Instruments and a few Rhythm fills. I was going to create a 1940's Mellotron/Chamberlin Orchestra for MuseScore, but there's just ONE problem. I DON'T EVEN HAVE A NORD KEYBOARD, AND THERE'S "NO WAY" I'M ABLE TO CONVERT THESE FILES INTO SF2 OR SFZ FORMAT!!!!! The Nord Sample Editor DOESN"T SUPPORT nsmp, nsmp3, or .npno files either.

Is there anyway for me to figure out this problem? Because the ONLY Mellotron Samples I can find are from here: which is NOT ENOUGH to create a "1940s Orchestra!."


Note that even if you would be able to rip them it is very likely illegal, as the introduction on their site states those samples are exclusively licensed to their compatible instruments.
So the only way to get them is to contact Nord, ask politely and possibly pay up for a similar amount of money to cover their eventual license fees.

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