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• Nov 10, 2017 - 07:38

I use a combination of soundfonts when I compose, which means that without going into the Mixer menu (F10) and re-selecting drumset, I have this weird bug that drops the notes to below the first ledger line (where the note would be if it were on a 5-line staff). I tried to reproduce it with a new score, but for some reason, another soundfont fixed the problem (I don't know which one does); this is apparently only a problem with the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra soundfont as far as I'm aware, but I can't get rid of it without losing the best piano/tuba sound I have. Is there any way (other than shifting the notes up using the edit drumset menu) to fix this problem?


It's impossible to tell what is going on unless you attach the score you having trouble with and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem. In general, soundfonts have no influence whatsoever on the display of notes, so it can't really be the case that changing soundfonts in itself altered the appearance of your drum staves. And drumset should be selected by defaults if you originally create your staff as a percussion staff; changing soundfonts shouldn't affect that either. So it's hard to say what is really going on here.

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I tried to reproduce it again with a new score with the soundfont in question, nothing happened. I think it has to do with old scores being re-written with new soundfonts, since this problem has only come up in old scores or scores I've downloaded and modified (all were published before March 2017). I did manage to reproduce it once, but only because the drumset box wasn't checked on a score I downloaded and modified. Before the modification, the snare part played a piano on a D2, but the notes were on the staff.

The soundfonts I use are:
Dark Crystal Choir
Tam-Tam (this one is a private one I use, has no snare sound)

Link to the original attached score:

If there's any more information you need, I'll try and find it.

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