No sound or playback

• Dec 28, 2017 - 17:14

All of a sudden, there is playback sound. I have sound, because if I try to shut a screen I get the death nell that tells me I can't do it that way. This just started happening to day. I tried playing other scores and still no sound on playback. I am using version 2.1.0 version 871c8ce.


If it just started today, then it seems likely it was some change made on your system that introduced an incompatibility. Anything you can remember about software or hardware you installed or updated. Meanwhile, also let us know what OS you are on, and if Help / Revert to Factory Settings fixes it. If not, let us know also what you see in Edit / Preferences / I/O, and what soundfont you see listed in View / Synthesizer.

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I am using Win 10. I did update windows yesterday. I/O shows API Windows DirectSound and Devise Digital Output (S/PDIF) (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC), Synthesizer shows FluidRMono_GM.sf3. I just did the Revert to Factory Settings, and it seems to be OK now. I did notice that my mixer does't have all the piano selections.

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