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• Jul 8, 2013 - 18:33

On OSX I am finding a change in how the save directory works, comparing MuseScore 1.3 with Nightly Build revision 30fc3f2,

I find the MuseScore 1.3 far preferrable.

If I open a file in a directory, then use SaveAs (thus changing the name of the file), Nightly Build wants to save it in Documents/MuseScoreNightly/Scores . I don't see that the save directory is configurable since I had already changed this directory under Preferences->General to something else. But even if the save directory is configurable this is the wrong behavior: if I open a file in some directory, then SaveAs something else, the save directory should be the directory I opened the file in. The same comment applies to exported other formats such as pdf: the default save directory should be the directory in which the file was opened.

I never found any problem with the MuseScore 1.3 behavior regarding saving and exporting files.

Daniel Bump


Not sure what you mean about a change. 1.3 doesn't default to the same folder as you started, either - it defaults to the last folder you used for a "save as", or your configured default score folder if you haven't done a "save as" yet during the current session. Whch as far as I can tell is exactly like the nightly. Maybe it depends on how you are opening the file? I was using the recent files list. Can you list the exact steps you are following, from the moment you open MuseScore to the point where you see a difference?

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Strangely, I'm now seeing the expected behavior (identical to 1.3) on the nightly build.

To reiterate, the behavior I reported was, opening a file (created with mscore 1.3), then modifying it with the nightly build rev. 30fc3f2, then attempting to "Save As" (changing the filename) and finding that MuseScore wants to save it in Documents/MuseScoreNightly/Scores/ , rather than the directory I opened it in.

However I am now unable to reproduce this behavior.

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I'm guessing then that it is just a matter of how you open the file. As I said, I never see the behavior you consider desirable: it never defaults to the folder the file is in. For me, it's always the last folder I did a "save as" to - both 1.3 and development builds. Maybe it happens the way you like only if you open a score by double clicking it in Windows Explorer or the equivalent?

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