Piano clefs with different dynamics

• Apr 11, 2018 - 02:22

Ignore my request on how to do this. I figured it out myself.
Answer: simply program the piece with separate staffs, i.e., one piano treble staff and one piano bass staff instead of one piano grand staff. In this way the dynamics can be different at the same location(s). Any one with a better idea? I don't see how to do it using piano grand staff only.


The grand staff is two clefs. What you did is make two different instruments. The solution that works best is simply placing the dynamic on the staff, clicking it to open up the dynamic in the inspector, and flip the dynamic range from "part" to "staff."

Creating different instruments to be able to make the dynamics different on the staves is unnecessary. You can assign a dynamic to a staff (rather than a part) in the inspector. You can modify several dynamics at once by selecting several dynamics and making the change in the inspector. This is also true of hairpins.

There are lots of ways to customise things to your liking One way is to star with a Grand Stave (piano), enter a series of notes and apply a different dynamic to each and to make a set for each stave. Right-click on a dynamic and "Select All Similar Elements", go to inspector and change Dynamic Range value to "Stave". Now go to the bass notes, right-click on each in dynamic in turn and change Text Properties / Offset, Vertical to -2. Now, unsure that you have "Custom" palettes selected and the Dynamics palette opened. One by ons, [Ctrl][Shift] drag your new dynamics to the palette and then sort them out neatly. You now have some "normal" dynamics that apply to both staves and a set of Treble and Bass clef dynamics.

Further playing - adjust the Vertical values in Text Properties, have a set of normal and a set of louder dynamics (easier to hear when playing back to edit a score, for instance), use the normal dynamics for general piano work and the higher-up dynamics for the voice lines in a piano/vocal score (gets them out of the way of the lyrics).

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