Scores vs. parts

• May 4, 2018 - 23:15

Certain items in parts should not be in a score, and vice/versa.

For example, string fingerings. Desirable in the parts, but not always necessary in a score.

Also, frames. In a work with short movements, it's nice to be able to separate them slightly on a page with a vertical frame, but that frame may be unwelcome in the score or in some parts where a movement begins at the top of the page. It seems one should have the option of designating a frame for just the score, or just the part on which you are working (like line and page breakes).

I can spend a great deal of time adjusting the position of dynamics and articulations, flipping stems/beams, etc, in the score. When I generate parts, I have to do it all over again because everything reverts to the default position.

Or am I ignorant of some preferences/settings?


Also, time signature properties don't export to the parts. They all have to be reset, in each part individually.

I think at least some of your complaints will be addressed when MuseScore 3.0 is released with smart layout. If you then let MuseScore handle the layout, it will be optimised in both full score and part.

Regarding the positioning changes resetting to default after it's been manually changed, I agree it is annoying and should probably not be done.

Currently, the way to have an element in score but not part or vice versa is to mark it invisible where you don't want it. Some day we may other controls for this. For frames, you can adjust the size.

While it does sometimes turn out to be the case that manual adjustments made in the score might need to be repeated in parts, a great many don't, because the situation that caused the adjustment to be needed in the first place won't necessarily exist in the part. So we elect to not force these to always be linked. Unfortunately that currently means you will have to repeat those adjustments that do happen to be necessary in both places. As noted above, MuseScore 3 will hopefully make these adjustments much less common. It is also possible controls will be provided at some point so even if things are linked by default, it would become possible to explicitly override the link where desired.

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