Tempos make super-fast or super-slow speeds

• Jun 11, 2018 - 04:44
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This happens just recently. When I add a tempo, the actual speed of the measures the tempo applies to is much faster than the speed the tempo defines. Then I have to change the tempo in the Inspector to 80.0BPM, and then re-click the "Follow Text" option, and the speed becomes normal again. Why is this happening? Do you know how to avoid doing that? Thank you so much!
Below is the affected score (see the first comment).


1st tempo text is dotted quarter note = 52, which MuseScore calculates to 80 (quarter) BPM instead of 78.
2nd tempo text is dotted quarter note = 50, which MuseScore calculates to 75 (quarter) BPM, 100% correct.
3rd tempo text is dotted quarter note = 51 which MuseScore calculates tto 80 (quarter) BPM instead of 76.5.
4th tempo text is dotted quarter note = 52 again, but this time without 'Follow text' being set, instead it uses the fixed set 80BPM, all OK here
5th tempo text is dotted quarter note = 53.55, which MuseScore calculates to 80 (quarter) BPM instead of 80.38.
6th tempo text is dotted quarter note = 53, which MuseScore calculates to 80 (quarter) BPM instead of 79.5.
7th is same as 5th
8th is same as 4th
9th is same as 6th
10th is same as 5th

So yes, MuseScore is off sometimes (well, takes the 80 default from the palette but doesn't recalculate most of the times), but not by much (which is mostly coincidence here as dotted quarter = 50-53.55 is pretty close to quarter = 80).
This all for the main score, looking at the parts though it goes completly haywire, in Piano the 1st tempo text (dotted quarter note = 52) gets caculated to 7.5 BPM!

Where (in score or part and if part which one), when (before or after generating parts) and how (palette, then moidify?) did you enter these tempo texts?

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Well actually, after I found out the speed was a complete mess, I modified the figures myself to 80, because only in that way, the speeds could become normal, which means they were at least not super-faster or super-slower than I had expected. The problem is that, why is the tempo figure in the Inspector still affecting the speed when "Follow Text" is ticked? I believe that after "Follow Text" is ticked, the tempo figure in the Inspector should no longer have sense, and the speed is defined by what you've written in the tempo text in the score.

With "Follow text' Inspector should still show whatever MuseScore had calculated, in a greyed out box, so you can't change it there, without disabling 'Follow text', but still can check the caculation.
One problem though is that changes in score are not being reflected in parts and vice versa.
See also #272381: [EPIC] Tempotext issues

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I know, But my case is that only when I modify all of the figures to 80 and then re-tick "Follow Text" do the speeds working well. Otherwise they can be super-fast or super-slow, with I'm afraid no regular patterns. I'm just confused about why is that.
Parts are what I don't take much care of, because I only need to export audio files from the complete score XD

Then remove all parts until you're finished entering all the notes, lyrica, tempo texts etc., then generate the parts again.
Entering the tempo text from the palette, then modify to the desired speed, then at last after a close/reopen they should be OK

This ain't gonna work with me. Once I add a tempo as you said, the speed goes super fast.
By the way, how can I upload a video to show you the issue, if you need it? MP4 files aren't upload-able.

sorry, on that thumbnail sized animated gif I see nothing. If I create a new score, from the piano template, add a dotted quarter note = 80, I get 120BPM (shown in inspector). when I change (double click the tempo text) the 80 to a 53, I get 79.5BPM (shown in Inspector), all 100% correct.

But I still need to re-enter the same value of the tempo figure in the Inspector, and then re-tick "Follow Text" to get the speed right. Otherwise if I don't operate like this, the speed is still super fast.

I explained how this issue had affected me in Forum Topic #273223 (linked in the summary):

It happened like this:
The first time, I went to change the tempo a little bit: the main tempo was "Dotted Crotchet = 53.55", but I wanted to add a tempo "Dotted Crotchet = 52" specifically to some measures. Then things started to become weird: the part I just defined to be a tiny bit slower turned out to be super faster than the rest. Then I updated all the tempos: turned them all into "Crotchet = X", and the speed became normal. But there was also one issue: "Crotchet = 50" had the same speed with "Crotchet = 53.55".
So, the second time, I went to re-add "Crotchet = 50", and then this time the speed became extremely slow. I thought that the first problem I mentioned above had been fixed, so I changed the first "Crotchet = 53.55" to "Dotted Crotchet = 53.55". But its speed was still super fast. Up to then I was completely confused.
The MuseScore software I'm using is 2.2.1, which hasn't been changed when the problem occurred. Therefore, I really don't know what's going on with my MuseScore. Have you met the same problem just now?

I'm terribly anxious for a reply. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Doesn't happen now. And the description above really doesn't cover it all and correctly.
Okay, I'm gonna close this.
I'll reopen a bug report if this happens again. And I'll correctly describe it then.

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Reopened for the developers to decide even though this doesn't happen now (temporarily).

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Status active closed

Without new information or at least clear steps to reproduce, there is no reason to reopen this.