Can't paste individual notes or sections of measures.

• Jul 28, 2018 - 12:32

Hello. I can paste entire measures. But I can't paste individual notes or for example the first voice of a measure. I think Cut & Paste and Copy & Paste are rather crucial functions and should work.
I am using the newest version of MuseScore 2, I just updated and retested.


It works, with some ways.
1) Eg: you want copy-paste a quarter note: select the nothehead -> copy-> paste on a quarter rest: result as expected.
If you paste on a half rest, the note value will be identical (half note), and so on, on the whole rest (whole note), or other.

2) Other way, more recommanded/usual.
Same example, with a quarter note. Do: Shift + click on the notehead (you see a blue frame around the note) -> Copy -> Paste on a measure (possible now) , or a rest, whatever which one: the result will be always the same quarter note.

Finally, if you want only do that for a voice (let's says voice 1), open Selection Filter (F6) and untick eg voice 2 (or other) depending the content of your score. Then, same process as described above.

For voices you can use the selection filter to limit which voices you are copying. See

For parts of measures see One thing to keep in mind is that what you copy, for the most part, must be continuous. You cannot use ctrl+click to select individual notes to copy, even if they are consecutive. You have to select a section of notes like you get when you use shift+click.

If the above doesn't help, please attach the score you are having trouble with so we can understand and assist better. In general, copy / paste does work, whether for a full measure or multiple measures or a fraction of a measure, as long as it's something with a blue box around it. And as mentioned, the Selection Filter allows restricting the operation to just certain voices.

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