Zerberus problems?

• Sep 19, 2018 - 06:10

First, with the new increase in the Zerberus volume level, can an optional be implemented to nullify this increase. Otherwise, I will either be reverted back to the previous version. I will not be wasting my time updating the volume level for dozens and dozens of pieces, when such an optional could easily be implemented (if there is not something already)

Two. Is there now some sort of memory limitation in Zerberus? I definitely cannot load as many instruments into Zerberus as I was able to in the previous version.



I'm not quite sure what you mean about volume level. That isn't normally stored in the individual piece but rather in MuseScore's global settings. Simply go to View / Synthesizer, set the volume you want, hit "Set as Default", and you're done.

There have been many major improvements to Zerberus over the past couple of releases, I could easily imagine these might require memory.

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It was stated in a previous update that the global volume of Zerberus was increased bu about 4.5db to match with the volume level of Fluid (before Zerberus was too quiet).
The volume level in the synthesizer controls both Fluid and Zerberus, but not each one independently. I would have balanced out the audio levels of the scores prior to this increase. Therefore, with the new global volume increase to Zerberus, all of the Zerberus instruments are too loud. And therefore each one would have to be readjusted in dozens of scores.

I did use the unofficial 64 bit version of Musescore, and I am able to load all of the SFZ sets into Zerberus. (But the volume problem is still in that version, not to mention the 64 channel limitation).


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OK, I understand now. Your proposal to have separate synth volumes does make some sense, although actually I might go further - I think each soundfont should have it's own volume control, since even within the world of a single synth (eg, Fluid), different soundfonts have different overall levels. Kind of bugs me that the overall volume goes up dramatically if I switch from MuseScore General to Timbres of Heaven.

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Surely no such plans to MuseScore 2, there won't be a 2.3.3
And I doubt there that are plans for 3.0, so you'd be better of to revert your corrections, that meant to cover up for a flaw that meanwhile has been fixed.
That change was done in MuseScore 2.3.2 (see #274396: Zerberus (SFZ) instruments are too quiet compared to SoundFont instruments, so you could go back to MuseScore 2.3.1, but that won't help with scores on musescore.com or scores you share with others.

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Since there aren't many other changes between 2.3.1 and 2.3.2, I wouldn't lose sleep over reverting. But if it were me I'd always use the current version for normal score creation and editing purposes, and then for those special occasions when I need to go back and listen to older scores and need to have that particular volume adjustment, maybe keep the "portable" version of an older release around.

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