Center syllable between multiple notes

• Sep 23, 2018 - 12:33

Hi, I know that you can press underscore to extend a syllable over multiple notes, however this leaves the syllable at the first note and puts underscores below the rest of the notes. This can be very unappealing at times, for example refer to the following example. In the follwing Musescore screenshot I used underscores, but it does not look very nice.

What I want to do is something similar to the following screenshot:
I want to just center these syllables between the notes, I think the underscore is very out of place here. To be honest, in this screenshot the "von" is still not centered perfectly, but I think the "kord" shows pretty well what I want to achieve.

Is there any way to achieve this in Musescore?


not automatically, but you can change the sylables' horizontal offset (via Inspector), or set them to left-align rather than center (via right-click/Text properties)

Maybe I'm missing something, but the example you posted of what you want to achieve is not centered at all. The syllables are left-aligned with the first note, exactly as the standard rules of music notation require and exactly as MuseScore does by default. It's possible your example was engraved in a century when melisma lines were not commonly used and that is why they are missing. Today there are practically universal, so I wouldn't go out of my way to omit them - today's musicians are mostly accustomed to seeing them - but if you want you can simply omit the underscore and then set the syllable to left-aligned, as suggested. I wouldn't recommend trying to center the syllable between notes - and the example you attached does not do that either - but if you want that effect, you can always use manual adjustments.

For MuseScore 3, there is already a style setting implemented to set the minimum length for the dashes, but there doesn't seem to be anything quite the same for melisma line. Probably there should be, and then in principle you could set it large enough to get the effect shown here while still showing it for longer melismas if you like. In the future, I could also imagine an Inspector setting on lyrics that says "hide melisma line".

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If you mean to skip the melisma line as shown in the original example, I highly recommend doing that - itwill confuse the designers who are accustomed to seeing it in modern editions even if older ones sometimes omitted it. But I think the OP was confused, it is never appropriate to center the lyric between notes in those cases, and the example posted definitely does not show that.

Centring the lyrics under both notes is wrong notation and bad. Note that even the example you provided doesn’t do that. The underscore is right in the example you’ve given.

The printed exemplar achieves lack of the underscore by tightening the spacing of the beamed eigth notes. You can do that in MuseScore, and the extent of the lyrics underscore will automatically follow. (You can also use a font with wider letters or increase font size, although that won’t have as large an effect before looking bad.)

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