MuseScore Example Manager does not work in Libreoffice

• Sep 26, 2018 - 11:52

Hi there.

I have LibreOffice 6.1 installed, as well as Muse Score 2.3.2.

I installed MuseScore Example Manager into Libreoffice, and tried to get some examples imported

No matter what I do, it does not work. Can someone help me?


Can you say exactly what goes wrong? Was it working for you in earlier versions?

FWIW, I am using LibreOffice and it's working for me there.

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OK, that tells me the code is executing and at least trying to do something. Is there a way to click (maybe right-click) on the icon to get more information, like the actual filename it is trying to display? I saw elsewhere you were having an INI file issue, maybe something is set wrong there and that is causing problems?

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Thanks for the reply, Marc.

I have attached the screenshot from when I right-clicked on the image, and there is no filename. See the image.

As for the INI file, if you can tell me exactly what I did wrong, I would really appreciate any help. I have attached it too (as a TXT file because the site won't let me upload .INI's)

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Do you really have MuseScore installed in such a way that the executable file is just /usr/bin/musescore? Been a while since I've used Linux but I didn't think that would be the default. Maybe it's a symlink to the real executable elsewhere, and if so it might work better to use the real executable?

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It varies from system to system, so I can't tell you precisely. But you're not supposed to have to care - it's supposed to beanaged automatically. You should probably don't delete it and let the code regenerate it for you.

But anyhow, sounds like there will be a problem with 6.1 anyhow. I'll try to get an update up soon.

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If the PNG files are created, it means you did get your INI set up properly so MuseScore is being called. The bug report referenced has to do with loading pNG files. Apparently I need to change the code for that, but do it in a way that won't break for people using older versions of LibreOffice. I should be able to get to this in the next few days.

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Hi again Marc.

I have switched to MuseScore 3.0 Beta for my main production software, as I desperately need most of the new features, as I am a transcriber (for money).

Since it seems I might be the only one who wants to use the Example Manager, you can go ahead and target 3.0 instead of 2.x for compatibility.

As for LibreOffice, you might want to target v6.2, as it will be the new "Still" release, the more stable one with commercial support.

Let me know what you think.

(You can also contact me on Twitter @etsnyman if you feel you might want to get a Google Hangout or some form of more direct communication going.)

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Good to hear you are finding the new features in MuseScore 3 useful, and the stability hopefully acceptable.

The Example Manager is used by many, but apparently most are sticking with the more stable builds of LibreOffice. Definitely makes sense to do an update for MuseScore 3 and the most stable release of LibreOffice. Right now we are primarily focused on getting the release itself out, but one of my big projects for January is going to be a push to the education segment, and getting the Example Manager into shape should be a part of that. I know, sooner is better than later for you :-)

So, has anyone tried the MuseScore Example Manager extension with LibreOffice 6.1 lately? I am at FOSDEM and am able to work directly with LibreOffice develoeprs to resolve issues, but I can't actually reproduce a problem - everything seems to just work for me, using LibreOffice on Windows 64-bit.

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