Crashing While Exporting as a File or Online

• Oct 17, 2018 - 23:46

Whenever I upload a score via the app or want to export it as, say, an MP3 file, Musescore freezes, a black rectangle (possibly what should be the box telling you the upload progress) clouds the middle of the screen, turns white, and the whole thing crashes. I can't upload anything properly like this! Does anyone have any solution? I've checked for updates already.


Which version and operating system are you using? Have you tried to upload the file from rather than save online?

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It was a common mistake.

I just uploaded the score to including the sound. It was a very slow upload, but it did work. I'm curious if you open the task manager while it's uploaded if you will see that you are out of or low on resources. This is a small file to take so long to upload.

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