Loop Playback has gaps in sound

• Oct 24, 2018 - 23:18

The Loop Playback feature always seems to have a small gap between each iteration, which is not present in repeats. For example in MuseScore 2.3.2, I created a 1 measure composition with just eight notes and repeat signs, see attachment. Between the repeats there is no gap, even if you activate Loop Playback. However, between each iteration of the loop, a gap can be clearly heard. I could not find this issue on the forums and do not expect it is an issue specific to my computer. Is this issue known? Using Windows 10 on pretty powerful laptop.

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It is indeed there for a long time already. The reason I'm raising it now is that I was working on some (salsa) accompaniment patterns of 2 measures, which if I put in a loop for a while I can listen to observe the quality of the groove. But with the small gap in between, the potential groove gets lost a bit.

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I did not yet think about that in certain cases a gap may be desirable. Perhaps something like gaps between songs in a play list? But I don't think this particular gap is there on purpose. It is too short and "awkward" for that, don't you agree if you listen to the example?

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