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• Dec 2, 2018 - 21:44

I'm trying to get a key change at the end of a line. The song starts in one key, changes to another about halfway through; then it reaches the end and I need a courtesy key change to remind the reader that the top of the chart is in a different key. I have "Create courtesy key signatures" selected on the Style>General>Page menu; but I don't see how I can drop that item at the end of the line after the double bar. What am I overlooking?

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...on the start of the next.

If I understand correctly...
According to the OP, the 'start of the next' system would be at the top of the chart, as that's where the 'change happens' (i.e. back to the original key).

However... (and I may be overlooking something, or fatigued, or both)
The OP mentions a double bar, but says nothing about an end repeat or a jump, resulting in the song's end occurring at that double bar.


Hey, folks, been away a while. Thanks for all the responses so far.

Please observe the attached PDF. The piece starts in E-flat, changes to D-flat at the end of the refrain before going into the verses; at the end of the verses (on page 2) there is a courtesy key signature as the song goes back to the refrain in E-flat. It's that courtesy key signature — or key change, if you like — that I'm trying to re-create at the end of my piece, as it does the same thing. Can't figure out how to do that. I've tried putting in a measure (even a 1/8 measure) just to support the key change; for some reason it doesn't look right. It for certain does not have the naturals indicating the key change as this attachment does. For what am I looking?

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Probably the easiest method is to add another measure, add the key change there, put in a page break so it's on the next page but the courtesy stays here, then just don't print the last page :-)

Let me know if you want harder methods - like adding the next measure, putting it on the next system, but making it invisible, etc.

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The idea of a courtesy key signature change after the last barline has been brought up at least 4 times on the forum

In Sep 2012 Key signature change at the end (D.C. al Fine )
In Mar 2017 Add Key Signature change at a D.C.
In Jan 2018 Courtesy key signature
In Dec 2018 key change with "D.S. al Fine"

Back in 2015 by importing Colonel Bogey March from a Sibelius XML file I found that the courtesy key signature change was shown after the final barline without any input from me.
See the sheet music online here:

In 2017 when I needed the same courtesy key signature change for Radetscky-Marsch I had to add it manually by editing the mscx file.
In Measure number="77"
I added the following :
accidental 2 /accidental
(I've removed the parentheses above)
See the sheet music online here:

Now in 3.6.2 this does not appear possible to either import an MusicXML file with the courtesy key signature change in place or by editing the mscx manually.

I'd love to update my score to the latest version of MuseScore but they will lose this little detail that was in the original sheets I'd modelled the pieces on.

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