how to change instrument key

• Jan 13, 2019 - 20:09

how do you change instrument key? (ex. B♭ Clarinet changed to A Clarinet)


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Do you own an instrument that is pitched in Ab? I'm not aware of any. Maybe some centuries-old horns? If you actually do, or know someone who does and need to write for it, use Staff/Part Properties to change the transposition accordingly.

If you simply want to change the key of your piece to Ab, use the Key Signatures palette if the music itself is already written in that key, or Tools / Transpose if you need to actually transpose the music as well.

Assuming you mean you already have music entered on a staff for Bb clarinet and now you want to change it to A, then right-click the staff, Staff Properties, Change Instrument, and select A Clarinet (use the Search box or switch to "All", since this isn't listed under the default "Common" instrument set).

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