Rearrange Palette Symbols

• Mar 16, 2019 - 13:59

somehow i don't seem to be able to rearrange symbols inside a custom palette with MuseScore
I try to move them with drag&drop but it always shows a "forbidden" sign and i cannot drop the symbol in the new place.
Editing is enabled for the palette. The palette is in a custom workspace.



You can't. You have to delete all the thing you want to move down, and then add them in the right order. I thought this was supposed to be fixed, but it's not.

Not sure why that got disabled how hard it would be to reimplement it, but maybe a faster workaround would be, create a new palette, drag the elements to it from the old.

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Yes i think that's the easiest workaround. Still clumsy since i'm working on a chord diagram palette and i need to add new chords regularly :-(

Is the data format of the palette files something that one can edit with an editor? Something like XML, JSON,...?


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Absolutely, it's an XML file, wrapped inside a ZIP archive. So indeed, you could save the palette, open it with a ZIP program, edit the XML with a text editor, save, and then re-load the palette. Or find the workspace file (under AppData on Widows, but you may kind of need to poke around) and edit it in place there, no need to save / reload the palette.

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