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• Feb 8, 2019 - 02:16

I was really angry when I found out that the latest version of MuseScore didn't have a portable version. I don't have my own laptop, and I am currently going to Snow College for Music, so I need a portable version of this software so I can use it regardless of where I am, including on the school computers. PLEASE make a portable version ASAP!!! I will NOT take no for an answer.

Please reply so that I know this comment has been seen and acknowledged.


It has been seen :-). A portable version will no doubt become available once the technical hurdles (eg, need to be able to create a 32-bit version) are all overcome. Meanwhile, the software is free, I would suggest asking the sysadmin at Snow College to install it!

FWIW, you can also download a nightly build which can be run without installation.

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Dear Mr. Sabatella ,
today I was looking if a Portable version of Musescore 3 was finally available ....
and find a Website (Altervista.org) where there is a download for "Musescore 3.05 Portable 32 bit NAMP"...
is it possible , or I will download something "malicious" ??
Thanks for your advice

Don't be pathetic, the world will not end simply because you continue to use the portable Musescore 2.3.... After all, the previous version is not at all bad nor expired, right? (Even though admittedly v3 has some really nice improvements :-))
Provided your college computers are 64bit OS, what keeps you from building your own portable package? Sure, it needs some research to figure out how to tweak the default configuration, but it shouldn't be rocket science. IIRC there are some hints and guidelines on e.g. portableapps.com

Just my 2cents, I am waiting for a portable version as well (and I don't need an 32bit so I might try to build my own package)


Keep in mind that MuseScore is available absolutely free and development is largely a volunteer effort of the very generous community contributors.

As MuseScore is free, why not reach out to Dr. Larsen, Dr. Fullmer (great guy, btw.... known him since I was a kid) or administrative staff of various computer labs at Snow if you would like the software to be more available on campus.

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Well, here's the thing: I am able to get it on the computers in the library, but they're rigged to delete everything at the end of the day, so that would mean that I would need to have it re-downloaded every single day just to use it. Not to mention I'd have to save my scores on a flash drive.


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You are very welcome to get involved and help to create a portable version of MuseScore 3 if you have such an urgent desire for it to be available.

Also, it is possible to save your scores to Musescore.com directly through the software or even save them to online file storage such as Google Drive.

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Even if MuseScore was installed on the library PCs, and even if the disks weren't erased every night, these are shared devices anyway.
So you wouldn't save your work on the PC itself.
You must save your scores on a network drive if you can access one from these PCs, or to a flash drive otherwise.


You are crackin' me up. lol. I f you have enough money to go to music school, then you have enough to shell out six bills for Finale or whatever. I don't believe for a second that college kids who choose a music major are poor....

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Many people going to music school are on scholarship and don't have money to burn. And anyhow, I'd like to think people might choose MuseScore for other reasons (ease of use, compatibility with what others are using, ability to share scores on musescore.com, etc) than just money.

Anyhow, using a "nightly build" version is indeed the way to go for now. Should work fine for the purpose at hand.

I am also looking forward to a portable version of MuseScore 3, but in the meantime the portable version of MuseScore 2 (2.3.2) works wonderfully on my laptop, my PC at home, and my office computer at the university where I work. I save my scores on an external USB hard drive, also for portability. Saving them on a school or university computer is definitely not recommended!

A big thank you to the MuseScore developer team for this excellent software!

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