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• Apr 16, 2019 - 07:08

please help. The newest musescore 3 is simply marvellous with new features such as automatic positioning. HOWEVER. My toolbar and master palette is limited. I do not have "notes" in my toolbar or master palette and can therefore not transpose, etc etc. Other toolbar features are also lost. I have only File, Edit, Veiw, Format, Tools. I DESPERATELY need "Page" as well.

What I also miss desperately is the ability to add eg own created time signatures. I teach classical and composition and most of my theory papers I set to time signatures, changing constantly between 10-1, 12-1, 7-1, etc. To have to everytime go to Master Pallette is just such time wasting irritation, whereas in previous versions the self-created time signatures were allowed in the working palette. Please, is this from now on impossible to add my own to the time signature pallette? It will be a great pity. For all the features of missing toolbar items, I uninstalled and installed 3 times, no improvement.

Thank you kindly


You need to switch to advanced workspace and create a custom workspace while in there. You will then be able to see all of the tools you are used to and a few more. See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/workspaces#create-custom-workspace for more info.

You may also need to use the menu View->Toolbars and make sure all toolbars are checked as visible if you don't see the note input toolbar.

The menus have changed, so I advise you to look through them to see where things have moved to.

Indeed, everything is still there, a few things are just rearranged. If you had switched to the Advanced workspace in MuseScore 2, then everything you were accustomed to there will also be present if you switch to the Advanced workspace in MuseScore 3. As for Page, there was not a menu by that name in MuseScore 2, but there was a Page Settings under the Style menu - that menu has been renamed Format in accordance with the more common practice. The transpose function and some other functions have moved to Tools. In encourage you to spend a minute or two browsing through the menus, you should quickly get a sense for the things that have moved.

Also, nothing has changed about the custom patette facility. If you knew how to create on in 2.3.2, you can do so in exactly the same way in 3.0.5. FWIW, there is also a shortcut to get to the time signature section of the master palette: Shift+T.

If you continue to have trouble figuring out or remembering how to accomplish some specific task, please continue to feel free to ask!

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Thank you Marc, got them. Much appreciated.
Problem still however with moving own created time signatures from Master palette to work palette on left side of workspace. Wanting to change between own created time signatures is still necessary to go to master palette and change from there. I'm trying to get my own time signatures into the handy one on the side.
Any ideas?

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Thank you dear fellow MuseScorers;
So I've created custom workspace, ticked all four boxes, but can simply not -even in custom workspace- drag my own time signatures from master palette to the 'working palette'. It doesn't allow.
Please don't give up on me... (I'm bbc: born before computers) ;)

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I don't know what might be going wrong, I've never heard of any case of age discrimination by MuseScore. 😁 Dragging a time signature from the master palette to a palette in my custom workspace works fine. I suggest that you make sure that you are in the custom workspace and did not switch back to basic or advanced by mistake. By default, the palettes are in edit mode. I would be surprised to hear you turned this off.

BTW, you are dealing with a very stubborn group, we don't give up easily.

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