Add/Remove Staccato (Articulations)

• Aug 1, 2009 - 22:54

I have a few bars of 1/8 notes, some staccatoed, some not.

It would be useful to me to be able to select the whole phrase and have a choice of:
1. Swapping the notes with staccato.
2. Globally removing staccato from those without
3. Globally adding staccato to those without.



Of course the third option is already possible. Select the phrase and double-click on the staccato in the palette.

I agree that it would be useful to globally remove staccatos from a selection.

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The 3rd option works for me using the method described above regardless of whether any of the notes already have articulations. Could you give more details instructions of when it doesn't work for you?

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A shortcut is already set up for staccato - by default in the 2.0.2, it is Shift+S. And this shortcut works to either add *or* remove staccato. So it easy to remove the staccato from a sellected group of notes - just press Shift+S. This will add staccato to notes that do not have it, remove it from ones that do. You can also select a range of notes, then right click one staccato (or any other marking), right click, Select / All similar elements in range selection, then press Delete.

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Hmm, I may have missed that discussion, or don't remember it. Can you point to it?

In some earlier versions the shortcut was "Shift+." so it's possible you still have preferences leftover that have it set up that way. You can go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and either reset all shortcuts to the default, or just reset that one, or customize it to be something else.

It's possible to add staccato to several at once. All you need to do is click a note that you want to add to, then do Ctrl + click another note that you want staccato to, and keep going until you have selected everything. Then you can go to Articulations & Ornaments, and double click the staccato.

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