how to download the version 3 plugins

• May 18, 2019 - 18:52

Good Morning!
setp by step how do I download the version 3 plugins?
is this done while running musesscore 3?
is this done while musescore 3 is open and the program is running?
where and how do i do this?
I feel like I am over my head here.
Thnaks you ahead of time for instructing me/teaching me how to do this.




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Above here on this web site where you are reading this, not above within MuseScore. That is, first you use this website to find the plugin, then follow the instructions on that web page to download and install it. Basically, you'll download to your plugins folder, most likely unzip the file, then enable it from within MuseScore via Plugins / Plugin Manager.

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