part failing to be created properly

• Jan 1, 2014 - 22:53

Hi all
this problem is almost certainly of my making but I have no idea how I've done it or how to get rid of it. Basically when I ask MScore to create a part for Alto1 it adds a bass clef underneath. This doesn't happen for any other part nor has it ever happened before.
Alto 1 does play btw it's just that it happens to be tacet for the first 24 bars.

Any light shone on my stupidity will be gratefully accepted. I hope I have uploaded the correct file type.


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When I open yur file and go to File / Parts, I see you have inadvertently defined the Alto 1 part to contain the staff for alto 1 but also the bass clef staff of the piano part. Uncheck the latter box and generate the part and you should be fine. Or, just generate it as is, then in the part go to Create / Instruments and delete the extra staff.

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Thanks Mark, I have no idea how I managed to tick both boxes at opposite ends of the dialogue box but hey, I surprise myself all the time with my apparent ease at being stupid.

Now I can get down to the boring part of formatting each part and then printing then all off. Boy do I look forward to MS2 when it will hopefully dynamically link both score and parts. I'm sure that when I shell out the parts to the band they'll spot errors that will need editing and its a right pain in the rear end to have to change both full score and every part individually.

Also have you any idea whether or not in MS2 it will be possible to change instrument part way thru' a composition, ie Alto to Clarinet (very common in Big Band)?

Cheers again

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Yes, linked parts will be a big help. I've been playing with this in the development builds and it does seem to work nicely overall, although there are a number of semi-serious bugs with the facility right now.

2.0 will indeed have an "instrument change" command to switch playback sounds from alto sax to clarinet or whatever, but unfortunately, it doesn't affect transposition. I've been experimenting with this too. One workaround that occurs to me, but that I haven't tried, is to enter the notes transposed to the correct written pitch even though that will play back wrong, then silence the passage (2.0 provides an easier way to do that too), then add another staff for the clarinet with the notes entered at correct sounding pitch but mark it invisible so it takes no space in the score (another nifty new 2.0 feature, can also be used to enter rhythm section parts for playback). Seems this would work. Hopefully, eventually a facility to change transposition mid-staff will be implemented, but it seems pretty safe to say that won't happen for 2.0.

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