Staccatos always have 0.10 time stretch and cannot be changed?

• Jun 19, 2019 - 18:35

I want to weaken the effect of staccatos, thus making the notes with staccatos longer in playback, but I cannot adjust the time stretch and no matter what number I change it to it always return to 0.10 the next time I click on the same staccato. In Articulation and ornament properties time stretch is explained as "For fermatas, adjust the pause length", so this property is only for fermatas? Then why does it appear for many other articulations? If adjusting it won't change the note length, how can I change it?


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That's all semi-relevant. You can go into the Piano Roll Editor and make the off-time be anything you want (for any particular note). There are also undocumented ways of aggressing the MSCX file to change the off-time for all staccati (or whatever other articulation) in a score.

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Do you know that you can click on a note in the PRE and type SPACE and will start/stop playing the whole score at that point without leaving the PRE? This is a new feature in the MS3 PRE, and makes it possible to edit all the phrasing (in a part, at least) without leaving the PRE, once you get good at reading a score in the PRE.

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I don't know if you're using a Mac, but if you are, the little piece of knowledge that "Cmd ` "
(command-backquote) selects an already-open PRE when you're in the main score makes a world of difference (it's a Mac feature but not often used). There ought to be a PRE manual/tutorial. Maybe I have to write one.

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