MusicXML: Export/Import of Mordents and Inverted Mordent

• Jul 24, 2019 - 20:53

It seems that import/export of Mordents and Inverted Mordent swaps around these two ornaments.
See attached example produced with MuseScore
Am I correct that this is an unreported bug?

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This version has actually more issues with the mordents.
If I open the mscz file (as attached earlier), the mordent becomes (a) an inverted mordent as symbol but as text still mordent. And the inverted mordent dissappears altogether.
If I open the xml file (as attached earlier), both become as (a).

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I did some more tests with your new build and some more reading.
I now better realise there is a lot of confusion around mordents, where in different historical style periods and languages different names have been used.
Now I prefer the names "Upper Mordent" and "Lower Mordent" as they are hardly open to misinterpretation.
However, now I see that:
Says Inverted Mordent is one of the names for Lower Mordent, having a vertical line.
Contradicts this and says Inverted Mordent does not have the vertical line.
Intuitively I think wikipedia is right here and the MusicXML page wrong.
If I'm correct, I would propose for within MuseScore to resolve this confusion by using "Upper Mordent" and "Lower Mordent" as names. And in standardisation contexts like MusicXML, SMuFL I would argue similarly if possible.
For conversion from and to MusicXML I'm not so sure now. If current MusicXML is indeed wrong, should the wrong convention be used as per above link pending perhaps a MusicXML upgrade, or should the right convention be used, so assuming that link is just incorrect doc not reflecting the actual standard?

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