Border drawing around scrore

• Aug 27, 2019 - 13:52

i was wondering if it's possible to get a border around the score. when creating a score ready for marching band booklets its not a std paper size. so i made a style at the correct dimensions for our books. but after creating the PDF out of it it becomes off course a one full page of that size which again my printer does not understand.
To print it now at the correct size i need to zoom.
My proposal/request would be to create the score on A4 with an outline around the score representing the final dimension. that way it is easy cutting the paper.
is something like this available or if not could it be added
Br Martijn Broens


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Excuse me, I may be intervening inappropriately.

The standard dimensions of the Band Booklet are as follows: Width 17.78 (cm) Height 12.70 (cm) and the stave, optimal must be 5.5mm high

I usually do it in A5, then I export it in pdf and I open it from adobe, telling it to print 2 pages per sheet with the edges of the page, then I cut following the edges and it's perfect for the booklet

Try also with B6 format, reducing page margins to 5.00 mm


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