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• Aug 29, 2019 - 15:25

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to write something new, and decided to use the oom pah oom pah accompaniment. I have heard some pieces that also do this but they have the accompaniment distorted for a bit. I dont know exactly how I should describe it, but basically the bass notes are perfectly in rhythm but the chords are played just a little later then it should. I have managed this effect in the file down below.

Even though I have achieved the same rhythm, I don't think I am doing it right. Does anyone what notation could be used to indicate that this rhythm should be used? I have been thinking about it, and I think that you could also get the same effect by turning every single "oom pah" in a triplet where the first note is the bass note and the third note would be where the chord starts to be played.

Hopefully someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance.

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That score stems from MuseScore 2.0.3, seems time to upgrade to 2.3.2 and/or even 3.2.3

Playing back in 3.2.3 I don't notice any distortion

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Good point, I have updated musescore. Can I now just get rid of musescore.2? Or will I then lose everything I made on that?

Maybe using distortion to describe it isn't really right. I'm talking about the intervals between the bass note and the chord. Usually the time between the bass note - chord note - bass note are the same, but in the file that I send the time between bass to chord was slightly longer and from chord to bass was slightly shorter.

I hope this somewhat makes sense?

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This is exactly what I mean, thank you! I recently got me some sheet music of a piece I really like which also has this rhythm thing (now I know it's named swing), but it was written in 4/4 and didn't had any notation like swing. In fact the only thing that it said at the beginning was Allegro. But at least now I know what kind of accompaniment it is.

Again, thank you very much.

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Oh, I see. I'll be honest, I don't hear the difference very well, but I understand the concept. Maybe it is a shuffle thing, because the piece isn't really swingy but more classical. It's somewhat like the file that I used, but with an entire orchestra. Also the sheet music I was talking about used a lot of triplets in the main melody so it really makes sence for it to be a shuffle thing. This really clears things up for me. Thanks.

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I'm sorry, I'm still writing about it.

Yes the difference is very small. But you may notice. Listen once again with the following knowledge:
The swing version gives a slightly uneven/unstable feel on offbeats. //like its name: swingy
The shuffle version gives a solid/metered/stable feel. // It's tidy, like the clock's tick-tock sound.

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Yeah, if you listen to it with that in mind, it is easier to tell apart. Maybe a side topic, but how do I tell Musescore to actually play it that way? Because I see you using the word Swing or Shuffle, but how do I implement that? I now just copied your swing in this file and it seems to work just fine, but when I try shuffle, it turns into swing as well.

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Place the text "Swing" from the text palette.
Right-click on it
Select "System text properties"
In the newly opened window, select the tab named "Swing Adjustment".
The settings (on/off, ratio, base-duration: 8th or16th) are there.

After finishing the adjustments (and then clicked on the   OK   button), you can replace the text "Swing" with a desired description.

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Ohw thanks! I'll keep that in mind for if I ever want write in that rhythm again. I know have a thing I've made before and put swing on it, but the celeste plays very quick passages throughout the melody, which is now sort of triplet based. Does that sound to out of rhythm? I'm not sure myself. The piece starts at measure 11 (I'm not the most order oriented writer).

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It depends on the effect you want to give.
And you're the one who can judge this.

Maybe the Celesta instrument is supposed to play the 16th-notes with the swing.
Maybe you should write everything in triplets/tuplets. (no swing or shuffle)
Maybe you should use 12/8.

But if you ask me, "Do these rhythms sound well together?"
I don't think there's a problem and Its OK for me, because there are components I am used to.

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