Grace note playback

• Nov 3, 2016 - 03:18

Is there a way to adjust the speed of the grace note playback? It doesn't seem to matter if they are 8th, 16th or 32nd notes. the playback is the same.


Grace notes generally play for half of the length of the principal note. Acciaccaturas will play for a much shorter duration.

If you simply want to match playback to a particular interpretation, you have a few options. You can increase the measure length and add in the "grace" notes as actual notes which you then select to be small, and make the corresponding rests in any attached staves invisible. Then simply add articulations without playback, such as fermutas, and modify the time stretch to the desired duration (followed by making them invisible). You can also simply use the pianoroll editor and modify the note length to the desired setting, though the pianoroll editor is not the most intuitive tool.

To be clear: there are two different types of grace notes. Appoggiaturas are the type *withint* the slash through the stem. They take half the value of the main note. Acciaccaturas have the slash, and are played quickly. Be sure to use the proper type if you desire the corresponding playback effect.

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