MusicXML problem with import of *.mxl download (an OpenScore song in MS 2.3.2 format)

• Nov 25, 2019 - 16:56

@Leon Vinken - I would appreciate your views.
This *.mxl import problem was found by user @jochen_hayek, who downloaded the *.mxl file from the OpenScore collection. He reported the full details on the score page itself here:

I have downloaded the *.mxl file and tried to import it into MS 3.3.2, and I can confirm an error message:
_"Fatal error: line 59 column 19 Element credit is missing child element."_

My reason for raising this fault is because there are a few hundred scores in the OpenScore collection which are still in MS 2.3.2 format - and so presumably there is a risk that this fault may be present in the *.mxl for other scores which were uploaded in 2018.

Any advice? Might we have to update the 2.3.2 scores to 3.3.2?


Ciao, I'm sorry to get in the way.
I downloaded the file (xml);
Right click ->Rename ->Replaced xml with zip;
Right click->Extract here;
Launched MuseScore 3.2 (I'm on a 32bit pc) and opened the unzipped file that I attach;
Saved with 3.2, does it work for you?

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@Shoichi, thanks for the suggestion.
But opening the file is not the problem: I can either open the downloaded .mxl directly, or I can extract the .xml from the downloaded .mxl, rename as .musicxml and open it.

The problem is that whichever method we use to open the file, it reports a fatal error which the user must choose to ignore. I just want to be sure that we don't have a generic problem which may affect hundreds of OpenScore files. Ideally we should not be offering for download files which report a fatal error!

It would be really good to know the cause of the reported error, so that we avoid it in future:
"Fatal error: line 59 column 19 Element credit is missing child element."

Hi Dan,

the issue occurs only in the MusicXML file downloaded from, but not in the MusicXML file generated by importing the MS 2.3.2 format file in a recent MuseScore and exporting as MusicXML.
Thus, to me it looks like the issue is in the .mscz to .mxl conversion done by, which is totally beyond my control. I do suspect the website engine is running MuseScore under water, but i wouldn't know which version.

There has been a fairly recent fix in the MusicXML export to prevent exactly this error, see #294174: [MusicXML export] invalid export element credit is missing child element. If this fix hasn't made it into the website engine, we have an explanation.

Regards, Leon.

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Transferring around 400 scores from 2.x to 3.x will likely prove labor intensive and tedious. Uploading existing scores, while time consuming, will be much easier and faster though rather boring if uploading them with the current version of MuseScore running on the website.

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I agree that changing all scores in the OpenScore Lieder Corpus to MS 3.3 format will be a lot of work. So perhaps we can compromise... My idea is this:
a) respond to individual reports of faulty MusicXML downloads, as in this case
b) continue the present policy for the Lieder Corpus, by upgrading older 2.3.2 uploads to 3.3 when the majority of songs in a set are already in 3.3 format.

I don't have an accurate count of scores in MS 2.3.2 format, but the Lieder Corpus contained 300 songs in January 2019 (all in 2.3.2 format). We switched to using MS 3.2.2 in July 2019, and all scores reviewed since then have used (or been converted to) MS 3 format. By September 2019 there were 350 songs in the Lieder Corpus.

So the total to convert to MS 3.3 is probably around 330 scores.

A quick test:
a) modify a score in MS 2.3.2 format, by adding empty Vertical Frames above and below the title frame
b) save the score (in MS 2.3.2 format)
c) save online
d) then download the resulting .mxl file from the website
e) open the .mxl file (in MS 2.3.2 or MS 3.3.2)

Expected result: the contents of the title frame should be preserved
Actual result: the contents of the title frame disappear, but there is no error message on import

Test file:

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Did some further investigation on, the issue is actually caused by the empty movement title in the vbox. As it is empty, it is invisible and probably hard to remove using MuseScore. See lines 603..607 in the .mscx file. This implies the issue may not necessarily be present in all 2.3.2 files.

Applying a similar fix as #294174: [MusicXML export] invalid export element credit is missing child element prevents the issue. Note that the 3.x fix does not apply cleanly in 2.3.2, it has to be merged in manually.

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