Audio occasionally cuts out

• Dec 13, 2019 - 11:15

I'm having a problem with the score of a composition I finished writing. In some specific places across the score (my guess is it's because these spots are heavily notated), the audio for some instruments will randomly cut out in playback. If you play it from the measure before it happens, you will hear it, but not when the score is played start to end. I want to download a final mp3 for it, but it sounds unfinished in its current state because of this. I also looked at another thread with a similar question ( and I followed the directions but the mp3 still had the same problems when I redownloaded it.


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If you skip to measure 83 (pg. 16) and start playing from there, at measure 90, beat 1 for most instruments cuts out, and again at measure 94, beat 1 cuts out. I know that these instruments are set to play so that's not why that's happening, it's definitely because of an audio issue. These issues are present in the mp3

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That's actually because those instruments either use very loud soundfonts or because they're only part of the score for the visual music but not the audio (which are played by other duplicate instruments that are hidden). That was never the problem. But I fixed the problem myself by using the Piano Roll Editor to move the notes slightly before the beat, which ended up actually working.

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