Instead of the menu system on the left, how about a visual measure with all the properties and you just click (explanation below)

• Dec 15, 2019 - 15:30

I am wondering if it may be easier to delete the entire menu palette system, and simply create a horizontal measure that contains all the stuff.....

I tried to give a crude example... but the idea would you be you click on a visual representation of a measure which contains all the palette stuff -- eliminating the text and making it visual.

I actually think this would be a LOT better, more efficient, clearer, and visual as opposed to text based.

It would also free up a lot more space... And the you can add and subtract visual elements on the measure. THOSE are your palettes.

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I don't know, if I agree. I like the idea of having a visual measure with all the palette stuff, as opposed to text. Want a grace note, you click on a grace note in a measure.
Want to change an accidental, you click an accidental.

It is such a radical change, that is a little hard to visualize. But visual is always better than text. Finale is horrible Sibelius is worse. Musescore is by far the easiest, but not a ribbon. Just a visual palette measure.

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Oh I know that lol. Anotherwards beam properties, tremolos, clefs, key signatures, time signatures, accidental, articulations, tempo, the first menu that all.
Instead of being text, this is the visual measure... you click a clef and that opens up your personalized clef palette menu.
You click a key signature and that opens up your personalized key signature palette.

You eliminate all that unwieldy palette text (not the palette system) and replace it with a simple clickable measure...

And you can personalize that visual measure. That is your personalized palette.
Don't want the grace note menu, remove an actual grace note from the visual measure.

And you can also have single items on the visual palette menu as well (if you choose) instead of them being menu items. The more I think about it, this may be a better idea or at least a palette option

Text or visual.

And what also could be fun, is you could customize your visual palette menu into a song you like! As opposed to cold boring text, your visual palette menu is the beginning of a chopin piano nocturne. I like this idea...sorry to toot my own horn / piano. LOL.

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TablEdit uses this idea but it utilizes a set of fixed content toolbars which can be docked horizontally or vertically and use up very little screen real estate. Your idea sounds very interesting and flexible, e.g. you could save custom setups for use with particular music styles.


I can't imagine how a single measure containing everything from the palettes would look - a horrible confusing mess is the best I can picture.

But if you just don't like text labels, it's easy enough already to put everything you like into one palette and leave it open all the time. That's actually what @tantacrul mentions doing for himself in his video explanation the UI redesign:

Ooh, if you want, you can already rename your palettes and include special characters within them (adsd them to text in your score firs,t then copy/paste into the Palette Properties dialog:

Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 12.51.26 PM.png

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Yeah I am not being clear...I am only replacing the top palette menu with a visual measure....I will make a drawing and show what i mean. Even after a few hours this still seems like a good idea. I actually do want to try and program it in. When I get back I will photoshop the idea and see what you think. It’s not that crazy.

And ironically that is what I have done with my pallets just jammed everything into one menu. But thanks for responding.

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"you can already rename your palettes and include special characters within them (adsd them to text in your score firs,t then copy/paste into the Palette Properties dialog "

Good idea, but how do you get that exactly?
Not to mention a symbol (clef or other) added as a Special Character, I can't even paste simple text.
So, I type the regular text "Clefs" on a score. I'm copying.
Then, right-click on an existing or created palette -> Palette Properties -> Paste (instead of the original name, or before or after, whatever). The result: nothing. Paste doesn't work.
What did I miss? (Windows10 here)

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Hmm, works fine for me. I just entered the clef into the title of my score using Special Characters, then copied just that character, then went to Palette Properties, clicked in the name field, and pressed Ctrl+V. The clef appeared so as it shown in my screenshot. This is 3.3.4, on Linux.

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Yeah something that... except no text... just a horizontal measure. And you can then click the actual graphic.
So if you want all those menus visible it will be a simple measure, much better than all that text.
And you can pick the main menu symbol....

The below graphic IS that Menu. You click on the fermata and you are taken to the palette containing those items. Click on the pp and you are taken to your personal dynamics menu. Click on the # and you are taken to accidentals. Etc. It is not that cluttered, and it is a little odd at first, but it appears much more efficient and visual.

And instead of editing all that text and boxy menus. The initial menu is nice editable music measure. Like I said it is a little weird at first, when you are used to the text system. But I think this is a better idea. Also it is much more pleasing to edit a measure of music than all that text. You are eliminating a LOT of text by doing this.... I really think you might want to give this a trial go.

So the palette system doesn't change at all, just the initial text presentation is transformed into a visual measure.

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