Feature Request - Less mechanical strings

• Jan 1, 2020 - 16:18

Hey there

So, when I do violins/violas (etc) with sixteenth notes or tremolo, it sounds very mechanical, and I don't really want to use a soundfont because that would generally mess up the overall sound I was going for.


You're already using a soundfont, that's where the sound currently comes from…

For faster passages, make sure you're not on the "slow" version of those sounds.

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??? There are literally thousands of soundfonts out there, and most of them include every single sound that the default sound in MuseScore contains, because they adhere to the same General MIDI standard. Which specific sound are you using in the default soundfont that you are having trouble finding in other soundfonts, and which other soundfonts did you try?

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I was looking for the normal orchestra sounds, piano, drumset, electric guitar/bass, and a mallet synthesizer. I tried the squidfont, Aegan, Concert Band, Electric Guitars (thats the names they show, I don't know where I got them), and Sonatina. When I use these soundfonts, the instruments outside of their specified use either sound like violins or pianos. I have no idea why (maybe the mixer is just a little broken for me?).

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Sonatina is not GM, so while it has great sounds, you need to use the Mixer to tell MuseScore which sound within the soundfont to use for each instrument. takes a few minutes to set up by definitely works. I suspect that’s true of those others too. Not sure why you chose those specifically, but easier to stick with any of the hundreds of GM-compatible soundfonts out there, if you don’t want to mess with manually assigning sounds to each instrument.

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