Coverting from MuseScore 2.3.2 to MuseScore 3

• Jan 2, 2020 - 09:32

I finally gave up trying to use MuseScore 3!! Every time I use it, the lyrics are all squeezed together and it is so user unfriendly compared to 2.3.2.


Can you share one of your 2.3.2 scores so we might understand why this is happening? Likely you've had to use workarounds to make the score look good in MS2. The collision avoidance and different defaults of MS3 likely means that those workarounds are no longer required.

As mentioned, we would need you attach the score you are having trouble with in order to understand and assist. In general, automatic placement should simply result in everything looking better - no more collisions by default. Certainly things shouldn't be "all squeezed together". Unless, perhaps, you have multiple verses and are using continuous view. In that case, for performance reasons, we no longer add space between staves automatically, but you can use a spacer to add it manually. The space is added automatically in page view. if that's not what you mean, please help us help you by attaching a score and giving more information about what you are finding unfriendly (should be the opposite - virtually everything that changed means fewer clicks needed to achieve the same result)!

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Indeed we would need the actual score. From the picture, it appears you have set an unreasonably small value in Format / Style / Lyrics / Line height (default is 100%). That or the font you are using has inappropriate metrics, and you'd to increase the line height to compensate. But none of this has changed between MuseScore 2 & 3.

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