Importing Drum Set parts from MIDI files

• Feb 23, 2020 - 09:21

I realize that drumset notation is very situational; Sometimes having hands/feet represented in separate voices is crucial for clarity (e.g. double bass drum rhythms or layered Latin grooves). But at other times, I like to have all of the instruments just placed in voice 1. I have saved a .DRM file that uses this single-voice drum map for such times as making exercise pages or transcriptions inside Musescore.

I have two rubs:
Importing MIDI drum parts seems to exclusively support the two-voice approach - which I could live with, although I would prefer to have the option to import a MIDI onto the custom map I have set up for one drumset voice. HOWEVER - and this leads to my second rub...

The default drum map applied when Importing includes the FLOOR TOM in voice two. This to me makes no sense and I think I may even go and report it as a bug.

I also just discovered the Implode tool, which is great, but doesn't work perfectly enough once the rest values are quantized by the import.

I have attached a .mus with a MIDI drum part freshly exported from Cakewalk (much faster note entry when an audio track and piano roll are placed side-by-side). All of the notes were entered into Cakewalk as 16ths or 16th triplets.

My suggestion is to provide an option in the Import dialog to allow for alternative drum set maps, which would even circumvent the voice 2 floor tom madness.

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I have submitted an issue for the High Floor Tom voice. I had already fixed it in my copy of the code some time ago, but forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! =)

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