Creating MuseScore Tutorials on Zoom

• Mar 20, 2020 - 15:31

I want to use the conferencing app Zoom to create MuseScore tutorials for my students.
Zoom has the feature to 'Share Computer Sound' while sharing the screen.
This, however, does not share the internal audio from MuseScore. No such problem occurs with YouTube etc.
I have tried everything in the following panel but nothing seems to work: Preferences>I/O>PortAudio>Device
Can anyone think of a possible solution? Thanks

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YouTube is a website, and Zoom is at least partially browser based as I understand it, that could have something to do with why it works when MuseScore doesn't. Also MuseScore is known to require manual updating (via that dialog - the Restart Audio and MIDI Devices button) after any changes, so maybe try that after setting up Zoom.

I've shared MuseScore audio successfully with similar apps, but I'm on Windows and Linux, looks like you are on macOS?

There's a learning curve, but OBS Studio will capture screen and sound from MuseScore. And a connected mic. And there is a Mac version. Worth it if you are making several of these lessons. It creates a vidio file that can be edited is needed. Or will stream to various websites. Screen capture software should work also. Not as versatile.

I just want to say that I'm having this problem too! I'm teaching remotely on MacOS (very suddenly because of the virus) and wanted to use MuseScore in my Zoom sessions with students. But I can't figure out how to share my MuseScore audio with the class, even when I check "share computer audio" or whatever that setting is on the share screen options. MuseScore, please help us teach remotely!

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What OS are you on? If you start MuseScore after starting Zoom, does that help? If you go to Edit / Preferences / I/O from within MuseScore, does Zoom show up as an audio device you can select? Apparently from other report elsewhere, somehow the trick has to do with setting up Zoom as the audio device, but details might differ by OS.

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I just tried opening MuseScore after Zoom, but I'm still not seeing Zoom coming up as an option in the I/O settings. I have the latest version of MuseScore, and I'm using Windows 10. I have used MuseScore successfully on Zoom, but if I open it in the middle of a Zoom session it tends to stop my microphone from working. Not unrecoverably, but I'd like to get to a point where I can make it all work seamlessly.

Thanks to everyone that replied and for your helpful suggestions. It appears to work whenever you open the MuseScore file AFTER opening Zoom.

In Preferences> I/0 will be ZoomAudioD, which will not sound when you are finished your Zoom meeting.

Best and thanks

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