Weird piano vibrato

• Apr 7, 2020 - 16:39
Reported version
S3 - Major
needs info

I don't know how it came about, but somehow, after fiddling around with the synthesiser a bit, the piano and, all other instruments started doing intensely fast vibrato on the playback. I have no clue what to do and am looking for help


Frequency Many Once
Status active needs info

If you need support, go to the forum, the issue tracker is for reporting bugs. Try reverting to factory settings and see whether that fixes that vibrato

As Single Note Dynamics (SND) was implemented, it allows you to choose which CC (Continuous Control) to use for it to have an effect on playback. There are 128 different CC's in MIDI for different continuous playback effects. One of them is responsible for vibrato. Higher values give more vibrato. With SND enabled, a dynamics mark like pp or ff or sfz send MIDI-like messages to the playback engine with the velocity set as value. If you set the CC to use the same as the one used to generate vibrato in some instrument, your dynamics marks will start to control vibrato instead.

Don't worry, save your file, open MuseScore again and the vibrato should be gone. Another way of solving it is switching to the CC that caused vibrato to appear, create a dynamics mark and set its velocity to zero. Put playback over that mark. Now, you can switch back to the standard CC2 and the vibrato there should be gone.

I think it's an interesting behaviour to observe and think about extending CC messages support on MuseScore to vibrato and other effects. It shows us that good part of the code is already there. ;-)

Not to worry, you didn't lose the music. They just don't show in the list of recent files any more. But the files are there right there on your drive exactly where you saved them, ready for you to open them again (eg, with File / Open, or by double-clicking them in your file browser).