joined scores from album lose line alterations

• Oct 1, 2015 - 23:56
S4 - Minor

When a user creates an album and then joins scores, the first score is fine. However, in all subsequent scores, all line adjustments are lost; Musescore reverts all lines back to their original default placement, horizontal orientation, and length. This, of course, makes the lines useless: no line is ever exactly right for one's score when you double-click it from the palette, so you make alterations to every single one. Currently, therefore, joining scores is not useful unless only the first score (or none of them) has any lines of any kind. For a full demonstration of this bug, see thread .


While I agree this is a bug, I wonder what special requirements you might have that make line placement almost always requires manual adjustment. Assuming you have made appropriate style settings to suit your tastes, manual adjustments should be needed not very often.

But one issue I can see coming up with respect to albums in particular: manual adjustments are relative to style defaults, and each score in the album might have different style defaults. So actually, making it that manual adjustments in one score with one set of defaults make sense in another score with a different set of defaults could be tricky.

Style settings from the first score would become the style of the joined mscz, according to how Score::append() works. I suggest this be formalized as official behavior (and maybe make a note in the handbook that is an intended feature).

(Note: An example of a similar conflict is when there are different sets/ordering of instruments in each score, in which case the first score dictates the instrument set & ordering used in the entire joined score.)

If user is making individual scores and intends to join them into an album, then I would think the user would be using the same style settings, and that mscore should assume that user knows what he/she is doing. I don't think the code should bother with checking different styles and making special adjustments for special cases such as the offset of these lines.

(Note: If user does indeed have vastly different style setting for each score and simply wants to join as a pdf or for printing, then could use the Album print feature, which will preserve style settings of each score in the joined pdf/printout.)

I admit I could probably use style more effectively for, say, barre lines rather than adjusting them manually, but the lines I use most often are generic straight lines for slides. These must be angled up or down in precise gradations depending on how high or low the second note is. Obviously there's no way to do that with a style. In a given score the angle is likely to be unique in every case.

I have continued to plug along with Musescore 2 mainly because I cringe at the thought of having to convert all my work to the new format, even though I know there's a batch export plugin. But I might bite the bullet and switch over to Musescore 3 if this bug has been fixed in v3. Has it?

3.x still doesn't have the albums feature back, so won't be affected by this bug at all.
3.x installs next to 2.x (and 1.x) and peacefuly coexists, no need to migrate all your scores, just do that if you're doing major changes to them anyhow, for smaler, like fixing the odd wrong note or a typo in the lyrics, just use the older version.