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• May 1, 2020 - 23:39

How do I change the size of the symbol? (Using Musescore 2)
See m.35


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  1. Right click the coda symbol.
  2. Choose Text Properties… from the popup menu.
  3. In the Text Properties dialog that comes up, increase the Size, then click OK.

To edit the style so that it affects all coda symbols in the score, follow the same procedure, but in step 2, choose Text Style… instead of Text Properties… from the popup menu.

BTW, this is easier to do in the latest version of MuseScore. I encourage you to download it and give it a try.

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This too is much easier in MuseScore 3, in older versions customizing the palette is far more complex. But if you consult the MuseScore 2 version of the Handbook, you can read the full explanation of how to go about creating a "Custom palette".

BTW, if you use a text style to change the default size, you can also save your score to your Templates folder, then when you create new scores you'll see it listed (in MuseScore 2 you will need to restart MuseScore before this works). Now new scores created from that template will use the same style settings.

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Thank you Mark. Yes, I know I should convert to 3 but I spent a few years saving hints (my condensed version of the handbook) and am hesitant to begin discovering what's changed. I certainly do appreciate all the help you and others have given over the years.
By the way, I wanted to send a small donation again to musescore. Do you know the address?


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Feel free to donate, but actually, I'm interested to see your "condensed version of the Handbook"! Perhaps the best service you could provide to the community would be to share that and allow others to update it as needed for MuseScore 3.

FWIW, while they are many new capabilities in MuseScore, and tons upon tons of bugs fixed, and the default layout is vastly improved, and it runs a lot faster on large scores, the number of things that actually changed isn't that great. A few menus items moved, and the Inspector used for more things that used to require separate dialogs.

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