Rests input and modification

• Feb 29, 2016 - 08:55
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When one needs to break a rest to multiple ones more than two (4, 8, 16) of the same value he should perform a lot of operations. MuseScore 2.0.2 don’t support dividing a rest in more than two equal values. As well as such function for a selected group of rests. The first feature I propose is to allow such division by pressing ‘Shift’ or ‘Alt’ key + value number. For ex., to introduce 8 eights in 4/4 bar I’ll have to press “Shift+4”, instead of 4 steps currently.

Second feature I propose is to allow this mode for a group of selected rests, as well in multiple bars as in one. Now to make 4 quarters from 8 eights I should make 4 steps, and it could be made by only “Shift+5” when the group is selected.

Thirdly I’d like to have possibility to create multimeasure rests directly by selecting needed bars (and pressing a key – ‘Ctrl+M’ or ‘Del’) and not automatically through all score that it sometimes annoying, as I have to mark rests break before (and to control that) etc.

Also MuseScore 2.0.2 have different behavior when a rest is stretched by changing the value. If there are some notes later they are replaced by the rest, but if there are rests (even in another bar), they are not replaced but shifted forward – see attachment. I thing the logic should be the same.

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1.) I'm noting for record that Ctlr->[number] will produce an [number]-tuplet of rests (not same as what is being asked, I know.) Interestingly if I break a whole rest using Ctrl->4, then I get a 4-tuplet of rests, which is effectively the same as four quarter rests, but there is no way to remove that tuplet without reverting back to a whole rest. I wonder if it would make sense to simply make the Ctrl->[number] be just a little smarter such that if the division could be represented without a tuplet (eg whole/4 = 4 quarter rests, or (dotted quarter)/3 => 3 8ths), then it would do so without a tuplet. (But then maybe someone for some reason really wants the 4-tuplet of rests in the 4/4 measure?)

Alt->N will currently add another note to the chord at interval [number]. I don't know if it would make sense to give different behavior for rests.

2.) I don't understand your second sentence here.

3.) I believe that multi-measure rests is a global option only, currently. One issue I notice is that for your selected rest that you want to make multimeasure, then what if other instruments have notes...I don't think can have one instrument be multi-measure rested. Which is partly why I think code is easier to just keep multi-measure rests global on a per-score basis. I think the current workaround isn't that bad: just wait till your done with score until you press M to make multi-measure rests (or use File->parts, since those generated parts will be multi-measure rested by default).

4.) "If there are some notes later they are replaced by the rest" Correct. But I don't understand what you say next and can't replicate it: "but if there are rests (even in another bar), they are not replaced but shifted forward"

1. Please remark that I _intentionally_ didn't propose to use 'Ctrl+' key neither speak a word about tuplets. Just because it works well and I think should not be involved. Why not use Shift+number combination as I suggested?
2. However it seems to be clear: currently any division of selected rests (in one bar or in multiples) is not allowed. I propose to do it.
3. It's the less important point of all, I needed it only to break long rest more easily. Can be removed from list.
4. Some wrong appearance. Should be removed, I couldn't do it.

1. Please understand that I'm just brainstorming. I think better to improve Ctrl->N to handle these cases where Ctrl->N is not particular useful (i.e. where the division doesn't need a tuplet), rather than to occupy the the Shift->N keyboard shortcut, when maybe there is something else that might come along which could more effectively use Shift->N for all N. (FYI, I personally use Shift->N to insert a note a Nth interval below current note. But regardless people can edit their keyboard shortcuts however they want).

BTW, I think sometimes it is best to post in the regular forum for feature request before making an Issue if still in brainstorming phase, and only make the issue once have fully determined and agreed on the behavior. Also usually best to keep each issue separate.

These seem like unrealted requests - they should be separated. I'll respond to just the first here, and say I don't understand it. You are asking for a single keystroke to turn, say, a half rest into four eighth rests? What is the actual use case for this? And why single out rests for this special command, as opposed to notes?