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• Mar 1, 2016 - 18:53

Is ther any way to add echo to one specific instrument (Vibraphone)


If by "echo" you mean "reverb", there is not currently a way to add reverb to just one instrument. It's also possible you really mean you want the effect of the rotating valves in the resonators being turned on. That's kind of a different effect, but probably somewhere online you can find a soudnfont containing a vibraphone sample that uses this effec,t and you can then install and use that soundfont as described in the Handbook under Soundfont.

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The "Timbres of Heaven" soundfont (search for it here) has a nice "let vibrate" vibraphone sound. If you want the vibe sound last more than the vibes in other soundfonts like the FluidR3 mono or stereo, I would recommend it.

I'm looking for an sound for the tubular bells to give it a dark, sinister trailing effect for a song from World of Tanks, but I don't know how to download a soundfont. What soundfont would be available to make a dark trailing echo effect on the tubular bells?

Although this is a "resurrected" post... why not post an available work-around solution:

  • Create another instance of the instrument desired to be echoed in the Instrument list ['i'].
  • Set mixer volume to be appropriate to the echo and/or set the appropriate dynamic to that instrument.
  • Copy the portion you're wanting to be echoed and experiment with setting an initial rest on the new instrument. For instance, something like a 16th rest might work and then paste after that rest.
  • Once you've set the details straight, finish by making the extra 'echo' instrument hidden.

So the two concerns are the offset--the rest length--and the proper dynamic given to it. If you want to get even more experimental, add more instances of the instrument with different offsets and dynamics. Enjoy. Also, because of the offset, watch out for cross-measured tuples. You'll have to do those manually: an error-message will pop-up during pasting if this should happen.

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