Accidentals on Turns

• Mar 12, 2016 - 22:48

I was wondering if there is a feature where you can add an accidental to a turn or a trill.
If there is, that would be awesome. Can you show me where it is?

Thank you.

Tristin Saito


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The request makes sense for me. Look at the attached files!
In the first measure I have placed the sharp by using "Z". The problem here is that is not possible change the accidental size (And it looks too big.). In the second case I placed sharp as staff text (ctrl+T)
In both cases I had to drag turn and accidental to position betwen notes. If the accidental could be attached to turn it could save me some work. When I use staff text size is ok (and I can control it) but when I create parts any positioning is lost . (Yes, the parts were create only after all adjustments).

I both versions 2.1 (d08e14c) and 2.0.2 (f51dc11)

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Accidentals_on_turns(2.0.2).mscz 9.91 KB

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I almost do not read any manuals, because I read and forget and they give too much info, not strait to the point I want to know, and sometimes they are outdated. Instead I always find and learn what I want at the real time from the software itself, menus alway give a good clue, but in this case I failed to find this SC window from there. for text formatting for example italics, I simplly use keyboard cuts since they are standardd but not F2.

Thanks agiain mike320.

Currently it is possible to attach an accidental to a trill taken from the Lines palette, but this is not enabled for elements from the Articulations and Ornaments palette.

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