Global text settings doesn't affect score

• Apr 12, 2011 - 14:10
S4 - Minor

I use musescore 1.0 build 3996 from ubunt ppa.
I create a score with the wizard, enter some notes, and then decide to change global text style. I go into Style > Edit text style and change some settings (for example, i've changed the font from time new roman to bitstream charter, and font size from 24 to 20 for the score title).
I click on apply, but nothing happens !
Is it a bug or something is wrong with the way I do it ?


If I remember correctly from forum discussions many months ago, it is not really a bug, it is the consequence of a decision made while designing the current version: once a piece of text is created, it is tied to the style parameters in effect at creation time (this DOES NOT affect text fragments whose contents is created by the programme, like page numbers or measure numbers)

One could argue with this decision, but there were arguments (which I have forgot; a forum search might cast more light) in favor of this decision.

For version 1.0, I assume there is little you could do. So, if you change your mind about some style, you have to go back and change the texts already created.

The good new is that you can select all of them (right-click one of them, then choose "Select | Select similar items") and change them all together.
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Another good new is that in the next version currently under development (aka "trunk" or "2.0"), any piece of text is created as styled (i.e. linked with a particular style) and style changes immediately change the text parameters.

On demand, it is possible to unlink a particular piece of text, either linking to another style (so it will follow the parameters of a different style) or assigning specific, non-styled, parameters (so that the text will not follow any style change anymore). At the moment, this feature already works reasonably well (with a few 'rough corners', as it can be expected from a feature still under development).


Thank you, but in my case, it cause some quite ugly result ! I've imported a music xml score in mscore, then I've added a new staff, and the result is new staff hasn't the same font type and style (for long and short staff name) than the rest of the score !
How can I fix this without recreate the entire score !?

I assume you proceeded more or less so:

1) Import from XML: some staves are created with default instrument name style
2) Instrument name style is changed
3) A new staff is added: its instrument name follows the new style and it is different from the other

I could fix a situation like this in this way:

1) Right click on a measure of one of the staff for which you need to change the format of the instrument name (to click on a measure you need to click to an empty spot of the measure, not occupied by any note, accidental, rest, bar, ...)
2) Select "Staff properties..."
3) Delete ALL the text in the "Long instrument name" edit box
4) Type a new text in (can be the same as before): the new text follows the new style
5) Repeat for the "Short Instrument name", if needed
6) [OK] to close the dialogue box
7) Repeat 1)-6) for all the needed staves

It is a bit cumbersome, but you need to do it only once for a score.

Hoping it is useful,