Rehearsal Marks

• Apr 14, 2016 - 21:36
S5 - Suggestion

When we put a Rehearsal Mark into some place (let's say: the 4th beat of some measure), We would expected that the "Go To" ([Control]+[F]) command goes to that place (or point).

Instead, the program always goes to the starting point of the measure where we put the Rehearsal Mark. Doesn't matter if the mark is on the beginning point or not.

I think this shouldn't be this way.

The rehearsal marks are intended to come the players to an specific point of the score. Doesn't matter if that point is or not the starting point of any measure.

When we use MuseScore as the "orchestral" track, or when we use the program as a background voice (to teach the individual voices to the human players or singers), we need to "Go To" the exact point we want to go (and to start the playback from this point, not another).

This should be fixed on a future version.

Greetings & Blessings from Chile!!!!!!!



FWIW, that is *not* how rehearsal marks actually work. The standard definition is that they apply to the measure as a whole, and in fact it's kind of a bug that we allow them to appear anywhere else. But as long as we allow this non-standard behavior, sure, no reason why we couldn't have Ctrl+G jump to that spot too.